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Always up-to-date with new technologies in leather field, and by optimizing constantly the use of its human and material resources (regular quantities, skillful-qualified staff, limited use of workers...) -)TAJ(- proposes to its customers a large range of leathers of good quality for shoe-making, Morocco leather- making, and safety products;

Geo-economic situation

Situated in Jijel, a sea-side town about 350 Km East of Algiers, and 130 Km West of Constantine, the factory is only 17 Km far from the airport and 12 Km from the harbor of Djen-Djen.

Production site


the -)TAJ(- covers a surface of 5 hectares, among which 15 500 square meters are built. Provided with a purification station for waste waters with a capacity of 2500 m3 /day, and a laboratory that includes 2 stations for testing and analysis:

• The first one is a station of experimental tests for the elaboration of new processes.

• The second is a station for analyzing phisico-macanic and chemical tests on leather.

Production capacity

With a production capacity of 9,000,000 square feet of bovine leather per year and know-how of more than 30 years, as well as the availability, control equipment and new processes in the field of Leather. Tannery Jijel -)TAJ(- presents itself, as the leader of leather in Algeria and provides services for outsourcing goat and bovine skins, at any stage of manufacture, at competitive prices.

Tannerie Jijel

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